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Below is a complete back-catalogue of tunes released by Higher State, 99 Degrees and 99 North. Some have their own pages with tracklistings and QuickTime / RealAudio clips, just click on the links. To purchase an item, just hit the relevant "add to cart" button and the release will be added to your order (if there is "no add to cart" button opposite an item, this is because it is no longer in stock). This will also automatically open your shopping cart window - don't worry, the page you were on will still be running in the background for you to carry on shopping or browsing!!!



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99 Degrees
Orienta-Rhythm The Orienta-Rhythm EP (12") 99DEG9
The Orienta-Rhythm EP (CD) CDRDEG9
Zero Zero New Aegean Movement EP (12") 99DEG8
New Aegean Movement EP (CD) CDRDEG8
T-Total The Looprication EP (12") 99DEG7
The Looprication EP (CD) CDRDEG7
Bounce Off Da Floor (12") 99DEG6
Off Da Floor (CD) CDRDEG6
Tallullah Gimme Your Lovestick (12") 99DEG5
Gimme Your Lovestick (CD) CDDEG5
T-Total Don’tchoowanna/Do It All Night (12") 99DEG4
Don’tchoowanna/Do It All Night (CD) CDDEG4
Sweet Peach Take U Up (12") 99DEG3
Take U Up (CD) CDDEG3
T-Total The Dub Addict EP (12") 99DEG2
The Dub Addict EP (CD including The Groovaholic EP) CDDEG2
T-Total The Groovaholic EP (12" - for CD, order The Dub Addict EP) 99DEG1
99 North
99 Allstars (Album) Metal Can Collection (Double CD with unreleased D&D trax CDRMCC1
99 Allstars Space Sensation / Loverman (12") 99NTH21
Space Sensation / Loverman (CD) CDRNTH21
Dillon & Dickins Stop The Groove (12") 99NTH20
Stop The Groove (CD) CDRNTH20
Illicit Feat Shannon Pulsation (12") 99NTH19
Pulsation (CD) CDRNTH19
Shawn Christopher Dont Lose The Magic Java Mixes (12") JAVA1
Dont Lose The Magic Java Mixes (CD) CDRJAVA1
M1 Electronic Funk (12") 99NTH18
Electronic Funk (CD) CDRNTH18
FPI Project Rich In Paradise/Going Back To My Roots (Record One) (12") 99NTH17
Rich In Paradise/Going Back To My Roots Remixes (Record Two) (12") 99NTH17R
Rich In Paradise/Going Back To My Roots (Double Pack) (12") 99NTH17P
Rich In Paradise/Going Back To My Roots (Record One) (CD) CDNTH17
Shawn Christopher Another Sleepless Night (Record One) (12") 99NTH16
Another Sleepless Night (Record Two) (12") 99NTH16R
Another Sleepless Night (CD) CDNTH16
Dillon & Dickins Steers And Queers EP (12") 99NTH15
Steers And Queers EP Double Pack (12") 99NTH15P
Steers And Queers EP (CD) CDNTH15
FPI Project EveryBody All Over The World (12") 99NTH14
EveryBody All Over ... Double Pack (12") 99NTH14P
EveryBody All Over The World (CD) CDNTH14
Murk Reach For Me (12") 99NTH13
Reach For Me (CD) CDNTH13
99 Allstars Chemical Generation - Original Mixes (12") 99NTH12
Chemical Generation - Original Mixes (CD) CDNTH12
99 Allstars Soakin’ Wet - Remixes (12") 99NTH11
Soakin’ Wet - Remixes (CD) CDNTH11
Gold Dust Twins Luver (12") 99NTH10
Luver (CD) CDNTH10
Blackout Gotta Have Hope (12") 99NTH9
Gotta Have Hope (CD) CDNTH9
99 Allstars Luv Is All U Need (12") 99NTH8
Luv Is All U Need (CD) CDNTH8
DPD feat.
Rose Windross
Sign Your Name (CD only) CDNTH7
99 Allstars Allstars EP Vol 2 (12") 99NTH6
Allstars EP Vol 2 (CD) CDRNTH6
99 Allstars Allstars EP Vol 1 (CD only) CDRNTH5
Sweet Peach Naked Fruit EP (12") 99NTH4
Naked Fruit EP (CD) CDRNTH4
Doc Ximbi African American (12") 99NTH3
African American (CD) CDRNTH3
Sweet Peach Disco Fuck / Hard Suck (CD only) CDRNTH2
Various 99 North Taster (12") 99NTH1
99 North Taster (CD) CDRNTH1
Higher State
Yosh presents
Do You Feel It (12") 12HSD37
Do You Feel It - Double Pack (12") 12HSD37P
Do You Feel It (CD) CDRHSD37
Nature Trumpet Gun / Mind Power (12") 12HSD36
Trumpet Gun / Mind Power Double Pack (12") 12HSD36P
Trumpet Gun / Mind Power (CD) CDRHSD36
Spacebase What Am I Gonna Do (12") 12HSD35
What Am I Gonna Do (CD) CDRHSD35
Johnny X Call On Me Remixes (Record 1) (12") 12HSD34
Call On Me Remixes (Record 2) (12") 12HSD34r
Call On Me Remixes (CD) CDHSD34
Johnny X Call On Me Original Import Mixes (12") 12HIMP4
Call On Me Original Import Mixes (CD) CDHIMP4
Miss Stuck-Up Stick Together (12") 12HIMP3
Stick Together (CD) CDRHIMP3
Cluedo The White EP (12") 12HIMP1
The White EP (CD) CDRHIMP1
Naka That’s It (12") 12HSD33
That’s It (CD) CDHSD33
Matter Don’t U Want Some More (12") 12HSD32
Don’t U Want Some More (CD) CDHSD32
Disco Biscuit Disco Biscuit Remixes (12") 12HSD31
Disco Biscuit Remixes (CD) CDHSD31
Upstate I Get High Remixes (CD only) CDRHSD30
Crystal Bring Me Luv (12") 12HSD29
Bring Me Luv (CD) CDRHSD29
Gorgeous Darlings Gorgeous Darlings EP (12") 12HSD28
Gorgeous Darlings EP (CD) CDRHSD28
Spacebase Patience / Frustration (12") 12HSD27
Patience / Frustration (CD) CDRHSD27
Upstate I Get High - Original Mixes (CD only) CDRHSD26
Gorgeous Darlings I Want U / Love It (12") 12HSD25
I Want U / Love It (CD) CDRHSD25
Various Higher State Sampler (12") 12HSD24
Higher State Sampler (CD) CDRHSD24
Lentil Lovecake Let Me See (12") 12HSD23
Let Me See (CD) CDRHSD23
Sound Environment Had Enough EP - Original Mixes (12") 12HSD22
Had Enough EP - Rebound Remixes (12") 12HSD22r
Had Enough EP (CD) CDRHSD22
Roller Coaster My Geetar Hertz (CD only) CDRHSD21
European Express Heaven (12") 12HSD20
Heaven (CD) CDRHSD20
Swagbag The Money EP (12") 12HSD19
The Money EP (CD) CDRHSD19
Spacebase Release (CD only) CDRHSD18
On The Blag Working Jocks EP (12") 12HSD17
Working Jocks EP (CD) CDRHSD17
Lafferty Thinkin' Bout (12") 12HSD16
Thinkin' Bout (CD) CDRHSD16
Disco Biscuit Disco Biscuit - TWA Remixes (12") 12HSD15
Disco Biscuit - TWA Remixes (CD) CDRHSD15
Sound Environment Feel So High (12") 12HSD14
Sound Environment Feel So High (CD) CDRHSD14
Nasa Secret (CD only) CDRHSD12
Spacebase I Need U (12") 12HSD11
I Need U (CD) CDRHSD11
Sound Environment Be There EP (12") 12HSD10
Be There EP (CD) CDRHSD10
Lentil Lovecake Don't Desert Me (12") 12HSD9
Don't Desert Me (CD) CDRHSD9
Disco Biscuit Disco Biscuit - Original Mixes (12") 12HSD8
Disco Biscuit - Original Mixes (CD) CDRHSD8
Crazy Prophylactic Reach (12") 12HSD7
Reach (CD) CDRHSD7
Sound Environment Natural High (12") 12HSD6
Natural High (CD) CDRHSD6
Lafferty Brand New Day (CD only) CDRHSD5
Dillon Make It Take It (CD only) CDRHSD4
Kartoid Kartoid EP (12") 12HSD3
Kartoid EP (CD) CDRHSD3
Mesozoik The Future EP (12") 12HSD2
The Future EP (CD) CDRHSD2
Groovoid Until U Drop EP (12") 12HSD1
Until U Drop EP (CD) CDRHSD1