The T-Total boyz are back with a slammin' two-tracker. The US side features Paul Alexander (the voice on the David Morales epic 'Gimme Love'), and the UK side features serious bass and slabs of dirty funk! This has so far graced both Rampling and Vasquez's sets, and has been caned on the Galaxy network by Rob Tissera & Tristan Bolitho. Other support has come from such luminaries as Steve Thomas & the Trade Posse, Anne savage, Les Ryder, Danny Slade & Ralph Lawson. Deep summer dancefloor dynamite ... Don'tchoowanna do it all night?

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Do It All Night

" The consistently excellent T-Total have done it again with this, their third single. Two tracks here with the UK-labelled side of 'Don'tchoowanna' having the winning edge with it's furiously funky percussion and hard edged stabs, certain to cause serious damage, not to mention one of the toughest baselines in history. This is the harder edge of UK house at its best and that is not an overstatement. The flip then has the US side's 'Do It All Night' and its altogether more sleazier feel which once again cuts the ice with its hot vocals and crisp percussion. This will surely be huge on both sides of the Atlantic."
Greg Fenton,

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