Another new artist crashes onto the phenomenon that is 99 Degrees. Tallullah is one of the originators of the scene, having been DJ-ing at legendary clubs such as Bang and Scandals as far as the late '70s. In the '80s, Tallullah was a major player on the New York club scene, before getting involved in film work (check the most recent video for Spiritualise). At present, Tallullah is resident for Fruit Machine at Heaven, Mink Bikini at Hanover Grand and Monster at Substation, not to mention playing at the world famous Pride Party in Berlin.

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Dirty Lovestick Mix: Tuff Kicks and filtered vocals lead the way here, before rockin' hi-hats welcome in a throbbing bassline to die for. Tranced out dirty bliss.

T-Total Remix: The tribal stars of 99 Degrees return, with yet another of their trademark remixes. A heads-down dubby stomp, with wickedly tuff percussion. You know what to expect, and you're gonna get it.

Lovestick Dub: Rounding off the 12" with a housier groove, the Lovestick Dub will work in every club.

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