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New Japanese production team, Orienta-Rhythm, are doin' tha business for 99 Degrees...Release Date: October 25.

Get Down

Cape Town

Massive Sound

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Zero are two well-known DJs from Osaka, Japan that are givin' it large over on the international club circuit...check out this tough and tribal offering, their first ever U.K. release...

Phase 02
Party Feelin

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"An EP with two 'different' tracks, the bubbling 'Phase 02' and the slightly Latin-vibed 'Party Feelin', plus two Floorplay remixes of the former. The original '02' has a really driving and percolating percussion that's just so life-enhancing and uplifting." Ronnie Randall, DJ Mag ****

"It really captures the imagination doesn't it? The percussion really cuts through before a rolling b-line picks things up even further before this dark-ish synth line starts to creep in and out. Simple, effective -- it' s house that's right down our rhythmic street with its dirty percussive vibe. The Floorplay mixes are slightly more driving...." (Guest Review) K-Klass, DJ Mag ****

"A strong hint of Eastern promise here, with two delightfully funky percussive workouts ('Phase 02' and 'Party Feelin') announcing the arrival of two renowned DJs from Osaka in Japan. Remix honours go to 'Mobile Bitch' creators Floorplay, who beef up 'Phase 02' but remain respectful to the original." Mark Kavanagh, Muzik ****



T-Total’s new E.P. is out now and it’s a 3-track slab of quality twisted-disco with a unique flavour...miss this at your peril!

Get Outta My House


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Licensed from Victor Imbrez's Red Light Records, this belter of a track has gone down a storm. Covering different bases with 4 mixes, including new T-Total tribal reworkings. Support has come from Roger Sanchez, Pete Wardman, Rob Tissera, Alan Thompson and Danny Slade to name but a few!

Heads Up Mix

Heads Down Mix

T-Total Express Remix

T-Total Bonus Beats

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Review from DJ Mag, October '98:

"Some things in life remain constant, take a 99 Degrees release for example, you know exactly what sort of thing you are going to hear: tough, deep, seriously underground house beats that groove without compromise ... you either get on board or get right out of the f**kin' way, lightweight!!!!!! T-Total offer a fresh remix that delivers as hard as nails batacuda/tribal rhythm that's so ruff and mean, as if recorded live at the carnival in hell!
  Great club music all round for the hard house headz."



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