MURK: REACH FOR ME  A classic re-release of a tune that exploded into clubland in 1992 ... way ahead of it's time & deeply delicious too..... This was licensed after our people talked with their people at Miami's Winter Conference .... The mixes are all lovingly crafted and true to the spirit of the original, which is also included since it has become a sought-after rarity... the CD single has some other mixes not included on the vinyl release.



Matthew Roberts Funk Force '98 Mix

Dillon & Dickins Back To The Future Mix

Original Murk Long Ass Mix


LCD Classic Vocal Mix

Matthew Roberts Funk Force '98 Mix

Dillon & Dickins Funk 2000 Mix

"One of Murk's finest moments if you ask me. Revisited by Dillon & Dickins, Matthew Roberts, Grant Nelson and LCD. Matthew's Funk Force Mix adds a little more bottom end and picks the pace up to give it a true second coming - the first vocal drop works a treat! D&D Back To The Future Mix shows true respect to the original, again just adding a little where necessary. Grant gives us a nice soulful garage edge and LCD come in with the pop angle. But of course the original is included for anyone (shame on you) who missed it first time round. A true classic reworked properly." Paul Harris, Record Mirror Update *****

"A classic in its own right is re-released with new mixes from Matthew Roberts, Dillon & Dickins and Grant Nelson among others. Matthew Roberts is at his best here, with his Funk Force '98 Mix oozing all the class of the original and fusing it with a fresher percussive line. D&D tweak two disco-funk mixes, and Grant Nelson offers the more garage-style approach to his interpretation. All this with the original mix and an acapella too!" CP, Record Mirror *****

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