The remixing masters Dillon & Dickins present "Steers and Queers", an entire bangin' release of their own relentlessly funky tunes...From the anthemic "Soul Good" to the fierce attitude exploding from "Queers R Doin' It", DnD keep the UK House party goin' on and on...

"Tune of the month, or should that be tunes of the month, as this gem is a double-pack of five different disco style tunes. As well as giving good value for money on the variety front, you'll be spoilt for choice when you get into the tracks. They are all good. It's just a matter of picking your own personal favourite, as subtle differences here and there will give certain tracks more appeal. Personally, I went for the lead track, 'Soul Good', with its catchy vocals and piano lines. It's infectious from the first moment, dropping subtly in and out of different moods within the track. The trademark D&D drum track pulls it all together with panache. A quality package worthy of anybody's box." Stevie Kerr, Wax

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99NTH15 tracklisting (vinyl 12"):

Soul Good (QuickTime)

Y2K (QuickTime)

Queers R Doin' It (QuickTime)


CDNTH15 tracklisting (CD single):

Soul Good (Radio Edit)

Queers R Doin' It (Radio Edit)

Soul Good (Full Version/)

Queers R Doin' It (Enforced CIN Edit)


99NTH15P tracklisting (Limited Edition vinyl Double-Pack):

Soul Good

Queers R Doin' It


Life's What You Make It (QuickTime)

Vicious Loop


"So the devilish duo finally get round to releasing their own material under their given names, and about time too. 'Soul Good' kicks off this five track EP with a lively combination of fierce, funky rhythm and their trademark dirty bass, all of which packs a heavy punch. A rousing vocal and juicy set of keys add the icing to the cake on this upbeat and uplifting track. Side B has the soon-to-be gay anthem 'Queers R Doin' It', which again features a big rhythm section and a demanding vocal. And now we come to the second twelve, which has the duo get down with an inspired disco selection of strings and horns in the shape of 'Y2K' to provide yet another angle for the LP. 'Life Is What You Make It' then goes head-on for the UK slant with its piano and screaming vocal, while 'Vicious Loop' finishes with an old school stab and takes care of the harder approach. A highly recommended package." Greg Fenton, 7 Magazine ****


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