T-Total are Tasty Tim, Tino Di Placido & Serotina. They are all DJ's as well as producers.


The Groovaholic EP
'Latina Acrylica - Shake It On Up - I Hear The Music' (99 Degrees) An impressive 3 track debut on 99 Degrees, released summer 1997. Latina Acrylica (with the memorable 'Drag Queens take your mark' sample) proved to be an anthem not only at last year's Pride festival, but also with Junior Vasquez & Danny Tenaglia in N.Y.C. - and Boy George opened his MOS Dance Nation 4 mix with it. Shake It On Up has been an anthem at Trade since it's release, and was featured on the Trade compilation 'Summer Holiday'

The Looprication EP
'Get Out Of My House - Outtasight - Afterglow' (99 Degrees) A wonderfully disco-twisted slab of house with some great sample reference work.



The Dub Addict EP
'Wake Up Your Mind - Dangerous - Bona Beats' (99 Degrees) This was, again, extremely well received on both sides of the Atlantic. The pounding sound of 'Wake Up Your Mind' attracted attention from such luminaries as Judge Jules, who commented : "A track that's deeper than the Marianas Trench". It was snapped up by Boy George for Dance Nation 5, and 'Dangerous' was featured recently on the Trade sampler CD cover-mount for DJ Mag.

Don'Tchoowanna - Do It All Night
E-mails and faxes are currently pouring into the record company offices from the U.S. of A. regarding this latest release. 'Do It All Night' features the unmistakeable voice of New York M.C. and celebrity Paul Alexander (first heard on David Morales's 'Gimme Luv') This release will consolidate T-TOTAL's reputation yet further.............


Remix Work

Rhythm Street Feat. Jeannie Tracy - 'Answer My Prayer' - Paral.Lel Records - (Forthcoming)
Fused - 'Superduper' - Downboy Records / Columbia - (Forthcoming)
Bounce - 'Off Da Floor' - 99 Degrees - (Forthcoming)
Hong Kong Trash - 'Down The River' - Eightball Records U.S.A.. - (Forthcoming)
Tallulah - 'Gimme Your Lovestick' - 99 Degrees - (Forthcoming)
Sweet Peach - 'Take U Up' - 99 Degrees - (Out Now)
99 Allstars - 'Soakin' Wet' - 99 North - (Out Last Year)

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